Bellin Run: Be Safe, Courteous Out There

May 11, 2010

The 34th annual Bellin Run is an all-inclusive event. It’s welcoming of all ability levels and caters to both the youthful and not so youthful.

Last year’s event drew 16,746 registrants, a record for the fifth consecutive year. This year could draw even more participants. That’s why Bellin Run organizers say they are encouraging runners and walkers alike to practice common sense safety measures and be courteous to ensure their personal well-being and the well-being of their fellow Bellin Run participants.

This year’s race is scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, June 12.

“We’re all excited to participate in this yearly event and I’m sure everyone wants to have a positive experience,” said executive race director Randy Van Straten. “If we each do our part, we can ensure that we and others around us have the pleasant, memorable and fulfilling experience that we expect at the Bellin Run each year.”

Here are a few tips to help ensure a positive experience at the 34th annual Bellin Run:

•  Arrive early on race day. You’ll be headed to the Bellin Run at the same time as a few thousand other folks. Plan some extra time for traffic, parking, shuttle lines and pre-race action. Try and get to the race a good hour before it starts.
•  Be honest when providing your estimated finish time. Doing so allows organizers to properly group you in a wave best-suited for your running pace.
•  Don’t participate in the race if you’re not an official registrant. It’s just tacky. Besides, runners that are not registered take away from race resources and course support that registered runners have paid for and are expecting.
•  Running with a group? Don’t block the course. Try staying single file if you can. Running in packs or lines makes it tough for faster runners to slip past you.
•  Don’t throw your extra clothing on the course path. Toss those unwanted layers way off to the side so that your fellow runners have a clear road behind you.
•  Don’t drop your water cups, gel packs and other trash on the course. Be courteous and leave a clear, clean path for runners and walkers behind you.
•  Look around you before you spit or sneeze. If you really need to spit, do so way off to the side and way out of the path of others. Be courteous.
•  Don’t come to a dead stop or suddenly start walking in the middle of runner traffic or at water stations. If you need to stop on the course, head to the side of the road. Don’t get trampled by those coming behind you.
•  Don’t suddenly change directions or cut off other runners. That’s such a rookie move. Glance around you before switching directions or pulling off the course.
•  Don’t cut the course. You’re only cheating yourself if you “pave” your own course to the finish line. For safety purposes, be sure to stay within the designated course.
•  Keep moving once you cross the finish. More than 16,000 runners are expected to cross the finish line and immediately seek water and refreshments. Grab what you need and keep moving.
•  Don’t take more refreshments than you need. Race refreshments are available based on the number of participants. If you take more items than you need, you are taking away from the people that finish after you.
•  Do have fun. Enjoy your Bellin Run experience. It comes once per year. Make the most out of your training, your race day experience and the post-race events. Most of all, have fun.

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