Free Training Class Aims to Aid Bellin Run Hopefuls

March 2, 2010

Program begins Wednesday, March 24

Runners and racers looking to improve their performance during the 34th annual Bellin Run road race or just pick up a few training pointers have a free tool to aid their preparation plans.

That tool, the free Run a Better Bellin class, starts Wednesday, March 24. It offers group training sessions leading up to the Bellin Run. The sessions are held every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Bellin Health’s Green Bay Health & Athletic Performance Center, 1630 Commanche Ave. (west reception area). Runners, walkers, beginners and those more experienced are all welcome to join.

In the past, the class was offered for $40 per person. By making it free and open to all Bellin Run participants, run organizers hope to make the class more inclusive and encourage participants to take full advantage of tools available to them to better ensure a positive, more fulfilling and rewarding experience at this year’s Bellin Run.

Each week the class will undergo a 5-10 minute informational session and a warm-up, followed by a run or walk. Routes will start at one mile, eventually building to six miles.

For more information about the Run a Better Bellin class, please call Bellin Sports Medicine hotline at (920) 430-4750.

Make sure you register soon for this year’s Bellin Run. Visit to register online.

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