Programs Help Train You for the Bellin Run

April 7, 2010

If you’re looking for more training tips as you prepare for the Bellin Run on Saturday, June 12, Bellin Health has several opportunities tailor-made for you.

For starters the Wednesday night Run a Better Bellin class is a great opportunity for runners and walkers of all skill levels. The free class, held at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday, starts off with a 10-minute informal talk on various topics related to running. Participants then head out for a long or short training run/walk route, depending on their preference or fitness levels.

In the last few weeks, participation has averaged nearly 100 excited and enthusiastic runners and walkers.

Other opportunities more experienced runners might want to consider include the Endurance Athlete class or the Movement Chain Assessment.

The Endurance Athlete class is specifically set up for runners and cyclists. The focus in class is to build strength in areas that runners typically are weak. By doing so, the risk of injury is dramatically reduced.

Other features of the Endurance Athlete class include a focus on dynamic warm-up, proper running form, how and when to implement different workouts and how to train to get faster.

The Movement Chain Assessment (MCA) is a great resource for any runner but is most helpful to those experiencing nagging injuries. The MCA is a one-on-one assessment of how one’s body moves and functions. Bellin experts will help determine what body movements and functions are not performing efficiently and offer professional advice on how to correct the issue.

For more details on the Run a Better Bellin, Endurance Athlete or the MCA classes, call Bellin Health’s XL Athletic Performance Center at (920) 430-4722.

Visit the home page at to register online for the 34th annual Bellin Run.

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  • I’m in for this one Carolyn!!  My treadmill will arivre in the next couple of weeks and I’ll begin training.  Let’s pick a nice, hot, flat place to run our race hmmm vegas???

    Fabio    December 11, 2015 at 4:50 am

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