Race Day Etiquette for Our Littlest Runners

June 7, 2018

To keep each and every child runner safe, Bellin Run has a few race-day guidelines for parents, coaches and kids.

Every child’s Bellin Run packet will contain a race bib (with timing chip installed), as well as a Bellin Run technical fabric T-shirt. On the back of the running bib, please write the cellphone number of either a head coach or parent who will be available during the race to answer calls from the Bellin Run Race Team if the child is hurt, tired, scared or sick.

Other tips include:

• Kids should use the buddy system. Encourage children to run with a similarly-paced running partner on race day. Medical personnel are available on the course for any person in need of assistance. 
• Remind children that water stations are located throughout the course. The water stations are at miles 2, 3.3, 4.2, 4.8 and 5.5. 
• All children should start in their assigned corral and know their pace. Don’t sprint; choose a pace that can be maintained for 6.2 miles. They should run or walk no more than two abreast.
• Remind them they will encounter runners of different speeds. They should not swerve or weave in and out of runners. The goal is to maintain a steady pace and pass stay aware of their surroundings and other runners when passing.
• Children should know that if they need to stop for any reason, they shouldn’t come to an abrupt stop that could cause a collision — and they should never stop on the course. Advise them to gradually work their way to the side of the course and off the road. Common reasons for stopping are to catch one’s breath, tie a shoe, spit, blow one’s nose or throw up (it happens).
• At water stations, children (and others!) should glance back and move to the side of the course before stopping to drink.
• Participants should move to the side if approaches from behind saying “excuse me” or “on your right/left” to offer a heads-up when passing. It’s proper race etiquette to let that person pass without blocking his or her effort. Individuals who pass someone wearing headphones should gently touch his or her elbow to make their presence known. Participants walking in a group should stay to the back of the pack and follow the two abreast rule.
A course map can be found on www.bellinrun.com. Please share this with your participants.
School Meeting Area: You will find your school sign along Porlier Street, where the school names will be listed in alphabetical order. You can use this as a meeting spot before and after the race.

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