Test Out Your Race Day Gear Now

May 5, 2010

Don’t Buy Apparel the Day Before Your Big Event

Getting a new pair of running shoes the day before the Bellin Run might be a recipe for disaster, according to running pro Nate Vandervest of Bellin Health.

“One of the cardinal sins of running is wearing something new on race day, like new shoes, shorts and a T-shirt,” Vandervest said. “My recommendation is to go out and get exactly what you are going to wear on race day and start using it now so that by the time the race comes you know for certain that it works for you.”

Vandervest’s other recommendations:

•  Make sure your shoes are a couple of weeks old before racing in them
•  Go out and get a nice technical fabric T-shirt, shorts and socks. The new fabrics out there for runners and walkers are amazing.
•  Make sure before race day that you’ve run or walked with your headband, hat, iPod or whatever other apparel you might wear on race day

“Remember, once you have your gear picked out, do a test run or two with your race apparel and make sure you feel comfortable in your chosen outfit,” Vandervest said. “Consider the weather conditions, too on race day. Think about whether you might need to make attire adjustments and make sure your bad weather outfit doesn’t affect your performance and comfort level.”

Think – what will you do if it rains or if it’s cold? Are you going to need sunscreen or bodyglide/Vaseline?  What are you going to eat for breakfast and how long before the race should you eat?

“Just remember to practice how you play and you will have a very enjoyable experience,” he said.

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