Time to Cut Back Your Training

May 28, 2010

So you’ve trained hard for the Bellin Run and you’re coming to the last couple of weeks. What do you need to do to make sure you’re going to have your best race?

You need to taper properly. In other words, you need to cut back on how much you’re running/walking.

For this year’s race, your biggest mileage week should be the last week of May. The first week of June you will want to cut back on your total weekly mileage by up to 15 percent.  Keep in mind that your intensity for any tempo or interval runs should remain the same. 

The week of the race, cut your total weekly miles by an additional 10-15 percent (make sure to include the 6.2 miles you’ll be running on race day). 

Do only one intense workout the week of the race and do it preferably on Monday or Tuesday. 

By tapering, your body will have the time that it needs to heal any little aches and pains, not to mention, it will leave you feeling rested and pretty speedy come race day.

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