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Improving the performance and care of athletes across the region starts with the sports medicine program at Bellin. As the largest sports medicine program in the region, Bellin Health connects you to an integrated array of services and expertise.

Athletes receive one-on-one attention from certified orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, sports nutritionists and strength coaches to develop sports-specific skills. As a comprehensive sports medicine program, we offer a wide variety of wellness services that feature the only sports nutritionist in the region and a full range of innovative classes, physical therapy programs and sports enhancement programs to keep you motivated toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving your goals.

Contact our team at (920) 430-4888.

James Ebben, MD

Dr. Ebben is a board-certified primary care physician who is also fellowship trained in sports medicine. He specializes in athletic-related injuries including running and walking aches and pains. Dr. Ebben serves as Bellin Health’s Sports Medicine Director. View his profile.



Lee Hyrkas, RD, CD, Performance Nutrition Specialist

Lee is a registered dietitian and performance nutrition specialist at Bellin Health. He specializes in provide evidence-based nutrition counseling to enhance athletic performance, as well as promoting health and wellness.  In his spare time, he enjoys participating in weight training, biking, running and hiking.  Lee’s goal is to assist every athlete and active individual in maximizing their athletic potential and performance. 

Contact Lee to schedule a one on one session at (920) 433-4750 or [email protected].

Lisa Reinke, PT, DPT

Lisa is a physical therapist at Bellin Health Sports Medicine, treating a variety of sports-related injuries and other orthopedic conditions. Lisa specializes in the treatment of running-related injuries and conducts video walking and running assessments for walkers and runners experiencing pain or currently dealing with, or returning from, an injury. Lisa is an avid runner and cyclist who has completed several road races and triathlons.  Lisa’s very first road race was the Bellin Run in 2003.

Contact Lisa with any questions regarding walking or running injuries at (920) 430-4888 or by email: [email protected].

Roland Schmidt, LAT, ATC

Roland is the Medical Coordinator for the Bellin Run, the Bellin Women’s Half Marathon & 5K, and the Packers 5K. He has extensive experience in treating sports-related injuries. Roland is Bellin Health's on-site athletic trainer at Wrightstown High School, educating students about athletic injuries and providing support at all major sporting events. He has also provided athletic training services for the U.S. Speedskating National team and major sporting events including the Boston Marathon, the Houston Marathon and the 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.



Nate Vandervest, Running Coach, CSCS, CES

Nate is a former Division I cross country runner whose passion for running has fueled his success in coaching. His goal is to teach athletes to optimize their running performance through proven training techniques. Nate’s experience and knowledge allows him to train – and relate to – athletes of all levels, from walkers to beginning runners to marathoners. In addition to being a running coach, Nate is a strength and conditioning specialist and corrective exercise specialist.

His unique skill set is what sets him apart from most other running coaches and allows him to coach runners in other disciplines so that they reach their full potential.

Contact Nate regarding personalized running programs and running assessments at (920) 430-4890 or [email protected].

Nick Winkler, LAT, CSCS

Nick is a movement performance lab video expert, meaning he uses the latest technology to help athletes prevent injury, improve performance and return from injuries when they occur. 

He is a licensed athletic trainer, specializing in managing musculoskeletal conditions. Contact Nick at (920) 430-4890 or [email protected]