Bellin Run Streamlines Start with Corral 1 Standard

December 18, 2015

A change to the way Bellin Run participants line up in start Corral 1 will help create a safer start and facilitate a smoother flow of traffic for runners and walkers in Green Bay’s iconic 10K race.

For the past several years, participants have been assigned to start corrals based on their self-indicated predicted pace. While the majority of individuals sign up for the appropriate corral, an unfortunate and increasingly common complaint is that many individuals do not — and this creates problems for their fellow runners.

To make the start safer for everyone, Bellin Run organizers are implementing a Corral 1 time standard for 2016. Individuals who have run under 50 minutes (an 8:03 per mile pace) in any of the last three Bellin Runs will be invited to register for Corral 1. Those who have not run a sub-50 Bellin in that timeframe will be able to submit for consideration their time from a different race that shows they are capable of meeting the Corral 1 standard — simply email evidence of your time with the subject line “Alternative Corral 1 Standard” to    

The numbers show us this change is necessary. Corral 1 runners sign up to run a pace of less than 8 minutes per mile, and yet over the past three years 10 to 20 percent of those individuals have finished slower than 8:10 minutes per mile. During that timeframe, five percent of Corral 1 runners finished slower than one hour, which equates to about 10 minutes per mile — a significant deviation, and the sign of more than just an off day.

We understand that participants are eager to get to the start line. But the fact is that significantly slower runners or those who stop to walk early on can cause bottlenecks and safety concerns for those who come behind. Twisted ankles, falls and other injuries can result.

Aiming to run in Corral 1? Here’s what you need to know:

• All qualified participants will receive an email with an authorization code and instructions for registering in Corral 1. Codes are not transferrable — runners who use someone else’s code will be moved out of Corral 1.
• Our registration staff will address issues with email addresses that have changed or other problems that arise. Email and we’ll help you get sorted out.
• Corral 1 will be limited to 2,000 participants, so register early! Those who register after the 2,000-person cap is met will start in a later corral.
These changes, of course, affect Corral 1 participants — but they’re not the only ones who will benefit. By eliminating bottlenecks early on, runners in all corrals will experience a smoother, safer start.

We know you may have questions or concerns about the Corral 1 change. We’ll try to answer some of them here:

What if I want to start with my child/friend/spouse — and only one of us has run sub-50?
Stick with that running buddy! Simply sign up for the appropriate corral based on the slower of your times. If you anticipate running the entire race together, moving back one corral shouldn’t make much of a difference. And you’ll be off to an even better start since traffic will be flowing smoothly.

I’ve gotten faster, and I know I can run sub-50 for the first time at this year’s Bellin — can an exception be made?
We’ll be happy to consider an alternative time standard from another race — and it doesn’t have to be a 10K. Commensurate times from races of other distances will be considered.

If you don’t have an alternative time standard, arrive early, start at the beginning of Corral 2 and get ready to run your best Bellin yet! You can still meet the Corral 1 time standard for next year’s race.

My time is so close! What if I ran 50:30 last year?
We hear you, and we know it can be frustrating to just miss the cutoff — especially if you feel you can go sub-50 this year. Keep in mind there are plenty of fast folks in Corral 2, so you’ll be in good company!

What if I have other questions or concerns?
Email us at We’re here to help!

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