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April 19, 2018

Bellin Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Lisa Reinke highlights the advantages of a high-tech running assessment

What if I told you that just by looking at the way you run I could help you discover why your knees are sore when you finish a run? Or why you can’t manage to break an hour in the Bellin Run? Or how you can prevent a future running injury?
Do you have pain when you run?

Do you have running goals for speed or distance or a certain event?

Do you want to prevent future running injuries to improve your chances of running for decades to come?

It’s true, just by looking at the way you run — combined with some basic information on your strength, mobility and flexibility — we can answer almost any running-related question pertaining to injury or performance.
Backed by research and experience, the running experts at Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine & Orthopedics do this every day.

What happens when I come in for a running assessment?
1. Running history discussion and warm-up
We’ll discuss your personal running history, health history, current or past injuries, current training and running goals. We generally do this while you go through your typical running warm-up or we coach you through a basic warm-up to get your ready for the assessment.

2. Video assessment with foot pressure mapping
Next, you step onto our pressure-sensitive treadmill, which allows us to capture the exact pressures on your feet while you run. This can give us lots of information to help with footwear choice, potential causes of pain and decisions about current or future foot inserts/orthotics.  While the foot pressures are being captured, we also take video of your running on our treadmill, capturing front, side and back views. With the help of small LED colored lights, we are able to get real-time angles for how much movement your trunk, hips, knees and ankle go through during your run.

3. Physical assessment of strength, flexibility and other measures as needed
After you run, we check your strength, flexibly and joint mobility and perform any other special testing appropriate for a potential pain or injury complaint. 

4. Video review
We then take all the information from your physical testing and review your videos and foot pressures to answer the question or address the goal you bring to us. 
5. Development of exercise instruction and individualized program
From there we create an individualized program of exercises and treatment options to meet your goals. You may follow up with us again after this appointment, depending on your personal findings and goals.

What is the cost? 
Our 90-minute, comprehensive assessment, including treatment plan, is $200. There are many discounts throughout the year that are offered for this assessment.

Does my insurance cover a running assessment?
A running assessment is covered by insurance if you are coming in with pain-or injury-related complaints. The assessment will be billed to your insurance as a physical therapy evaluation.  Some insurances require an order from your physician for the assessment to be covered. Please contact your insurance carrier prior to your assessment to see if you require a physician order for physical therapy to ensure coverage.  

How do I schedule?
Please call (920) 430-4888 to schedule a running assessment with a physical therapist to be billed through insurance.
To schedule a cash-based running assessment, please call (920) 430-4730.

If you still have questions, I look forward to hearing from you! Please email me at and I will answer any questions and help get you set up to achieve any and all your running goals!

Lisa Reinke is a physical therapist with Bellin Sports Medicine who specializes in the treatment of running related injuries and gait assessments for the injured runner. Lisa has participated in several road races, bike rides and triathlons. You may email Lisa with any questions regarding running or walking injuries:

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