Did you Defer? Be Sure to Claim your 2017 Entry

December 23, 2016

By Randy Van Straten, Bellin Run Executive Race Director

The 2016 Bellin Run was truly unforgettable. We marked our 40th anniversary, an incredible celebration of putting feet on the street since 1977. And for the first time in that 40-year history, we offered registrants a chance not to participate — at least not during our 2016 event.

As you may recall, the 2016 Bellin Run took place on day that was hot, humid and potentially dangerous. We knew it was critical to protect our participants, and provide those who felt unsafe with a way to opt out — without being penalized. So we decided Friday evening, less than 18 hours before the race, that we would let 2016 registrants defer their entries to 2017. It was important we make this a no-questions-asked offer, meaning no one would have to give a reason for deferment. Just let us know before the gun goes off, we said, and you’ll be able to transfer your entry to 2017 at no cost.

This unprecedented offer was well-received. More than 1,100 participants chose to defer, and many of them contacted us to voice their appreciation. Combined with our enhanced heat safety measures and participant and neighbor messaging, this offer contributed to a safe and successful 40th annual Bellin Run. We had no major medical events, and our numbers for less serious incidents were about on par with what we’d see in a normal year. Of participants who began the race, more than 99 percent finished — and the majority of those who didn’t chose to take a special cooling bus from the course back to the start line.

Those who chose to defer their entry to 2017 have until May 1 to complete the entry fee transfer. On Dec. 20, these individuals received an email containing the unique code they will use to register. Please note that this offer is valid only for the 2017 event, and codes cannot be transferred to another participant.

Once participants have their code, registration is quick and easy:

1. Go to www.bellinrun.com and click “Register.”

2. Enter registration information.
NOTE: Registration information cannot be transferred from year to year. Follow the normal registration process, including entering program information such as Kids for Running or Corporate Challenge. Individuals who qualify for Corral 1 will have received a separate email with that qualifier code.

3. On the Registration Page, enter the personal deferred entry promo code.
Individuals with questions, or those who did not receive an email with their personal deferral promo code, should email bellinrun@bellin.org and use the subject line “Deferred Entry.”

We commend those who made the personal choice that 2016’s weather conditions weren’t for them, and we look forward to welcoming them back for our 41st annual event — hopefully with a cooler race-day forecast. So sign up today and get training! We look forward to seeing you in June.

The 41st annual Bellin Run will take place at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 10, 2017.Visit www.bellinrun.com for more information.

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  • We knew that it was important to protect the participants and to ensure that those who are safe are prevented by penalties. That is why they decided that in the evening before Friday, less than 18 hours, by 2016, they will allow the registrars to change their records until 2017.

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  • As my opinion This unprecedented offer was well received. More than 1,100 participants chose to delay, and most of them contacted us for their gratitude. Combined with our advanced thermal security measures and participatory and neighboring communications, this offer has helped secure 40th Anniversary Bellin Run safer and more successful.
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