Fitness and health habits are part of your commitment to yourself – but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. The Bellin Run has developed programs to encourage camaraderie and improved health.

Corporate Challenge

The Corporate Challenge encourages businesses to compete in the Bellin Run on a participative and competitive timing basis, promoting fitness and teamwork.

There is no charge to the company to join. Employees pay the normal Bellin Run registration fee. The company and team enjoy the benefits, including an employee training program, pasta dinner discounts, free Corporate Challenge giveaway and much more.

Kids for Running

Start kids on the path to a healthy lifestyle. The Kids for Running program is a training program for children in grades 3 to 8 that prepares them for the Bellin Run, helps build self-esteem, develops a sense of teamwork and increases fitness levels.

The Bellin Run Kids for Running program has encouraged tens of thousands of kids to start running with an easy-to-follow training program. All you need to supply is the coach and the kids!

High School Challenge

The High School Challenge is a combination of the Corporate Challenge and Kids for Running in which students, faculty and staff form a team to train for the Bellin Run. Schools compete with one another in terms of participation. High School Challenge participants each receive training materials and a special giveaway.

Back to the Road Crew

Individuals who have faced recovery and rehabilitation from surgery or a major illness and want to get “Back to the Road” participate in a shortened course through the Back to the Road Crew program. Participants are invited by Bellin Health and our partners.

These brave people will be walking or running a shortened 1-mile route of the Bellin Run, a monumental step in their journey to better health. Show your support and be a positive influence in their recovery!