Born to run, or built to run?

March 31, 2009

“I run to stay healthy.”
“I want to fit into a size smaller jeans.”
“I run to feel good about myself.”
“I run because it is my time to think, reflect and de-stress.”
“Hello, swimsuit seasons coming!!”
“I run so I can eat whatever I want!”

The variety of answers you get to a simple question is amazing. So many people, so many different perspectives, so many individual reasons to share a common activity.

Why do I run? Yes, I asked myself this question this morning looking outside at 31 deg temps (feels like 20), 17mph winds, and a sky not knowing whether to rain or snow! As I nursed my morning coffee, I laughed out loud as the news anchor answered this question for me. “We are born to run.”

Born to run, or built to run? Today, endurance running is primarily a form of exercise and recreation, but its roots may be as ancient as the origin of human beings. I could go into the evolution of Man the Hunter and his development into a long distance runner, or I could simply state that the ability to run has shaped who we are today.

According to the news there was a recent study published in the Journal of Human Evolution that determined there might be an optimal speed for you to run that will allow you to cover the greatest distance with the lowest metabolic cost. Research based on metabolic testing, biomechanical assessments, and baseline body composition measurements has shown that the efficiency of human running varies with speed and that each individual has an optimal pace at which he or she can cover the greatest distance with the least effort. Run farther, faster, with less energy, count me in!

Is there an opportunity to become a more efficient runner? Could I run farther, faster, better?

Yes. My intention is to present you with the tools, techniques and training methods necessary to have a better Bellin Run experience.

Follow the Bellin Run Blog as I introduce 10 individuals, who over the next 10 weeks will share their thoughts, experiences, obstacles and barriers as they prepare for this years Bellin Run.