Runner Profile - Julie Phelps

May 4, 2009

To state it as simple as possible…

Bellin + Running = Julie

If you have ever visited, worked out in, been a patient in, and/or driven past our facility in Ashwaubenon – chances are you have seen Julie out for a run. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekdays, or weekends, no matter when you are here it seems she is either just leaving, or just getting back from a run. Yep, she’s the girl that, when the weather gets too bad to go outside, will spend hours on the treadmill just to get her long run in.

I am in no way indicating that she shirks responsibility, as a matter of fact it is just the opposite. A regular day for Julie as a licensed athletic trainer may start working with patients as a physician extender, chairing a Bellin Night of Champions committee meeting, a school visit out to Bayport High School to evaluate and rehabilitate young athletes, then outside to provide medical coverage for a high school track meet, baseball game etc. Days, nights, weekend double headers or tournaments, no two days are ever the same. Often working 8am-8pm, most will try to find time to relax; Julie seems to find time to sneak in a run!

If she’s not working, Julie spends a little QT with her husband Nathan and her dog Sara as they travel around the state to compete in various bike races and duathlons. (Remind me to ask Nate if Julie has an off switch?)

If it were up to Julie, this page would remain blank, no comments, and no pictures. If I tried to list all of her accomplishments, I would fill multiple pages. What is the happy medium? I guess, like Julie, I will say little and let her actions speak volumes…

Next time you are out at run, at a bike race, or at a combination of the two, check out the age group winners, chances are you’ll see her there!

Follow Julie as she trains for the Bellin Run.